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I am Koushik Das; and student of media science, my first love in life is ‘Photography’. I am a self taught photographer and have pitch a tent by ‘Classyframe’ in this industry.
Photography is the reflection of reality. It can be said as a mirror, or a story teller, or a time machine which can take you to the time back in the past and can mesmerise you with past experiences.
If you are a photographer then travelling should be a must. When I was a child I took no time to seize camera from my dad while travelling. To me travel is not a travel without a camera in your neck.

I do fashion, wedding, commercial and travel photography, but what drives me the most is ‘portraits’. I want to explore more and more expressions and my inquisitive mind keeps on energize me. I want my pictures to talk, to express, to reach every core of hearts.

However, photography as a broader aspect is a ‘wow factor’ to me; for e.g. – as a father cannot discriminate amongst his children likewise, I too can’t divide my skills into parts.

We know time is precious and cannot be captured but yes can be captured by magic of snapshots, so those should be so lively that can be live once again…. right! What say?

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