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  • Terms & conditions Advance payment- the purpose of the booking fee is secure the photographer for a particular time and date therefore cannot be refunded or transferred in the event of cancellation by the CLIENT. A minimum deposit of 50% is due to secure the date of your wedding . Payment- Full payment of remaining balance is required to be made at the time of SHOOT. Delivery of the images- Once the shoot is over, it will take around 4-8 weeks to deliver the pictures. Delivering before three weeks will not be possible. All the pictures will go through the selection processes and only the best ones will be given. We do not provide a full dump of all photographers shoot from your wedding. Travelling & Accommodation- Being a kolkata based photographer, any wedding assignment outside kolkata and in PRE-WEDDING or POST-WEDDING will involve extra charges to cover travel and accommodation expenses. Copyright- The '1988 copyright, designs and patents act.' assigns the copyright to the PHOTOGRAPHER unless agreed other wish in writing. It is understood that images taken under these contract may on occasions be used for advertising, display, competitions or any others purposes through proper by the PHOTOGRAPHER without compensation or liability to the contracting party.
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